While once a luxury item only for early adopters, solar-photovoltaic (electric) or "PV" has become mainstream, if not mandatory with rising utility rates. These rising costs, along with changes in government incentives and reduced manufacturing costs, have taken what used to be decades of investment payback time and reduced it to less than ten years.

Along with the rise in solar's popularity has come the rise in cheap low-quality components and shady sales and installation practices.

Forterre selects only the best components, and designs each installation to act as a system. This enables us to offer a 25-year complete-system warranty. By utilizing technologies such as Enphase Microinverters, and Enlighten Monitoring services, Forterre systems ensure reliable, worry-free service for decades of converting the sun's free energy.


Forterre is busting the paradigm that solar has to be "ugly" and is limited to unsightly rooftop installation, or ground mounted on view destroying pipe configurations.

We specialize in designing and building decorative and practical solar structures, that provide support for the generation equipment, and simultaneously creating new shaded outdoor living spaces.

The design possibilities are limitless, and any thing you can envision, we can build.


Electric cars are here, and here to stay. In addition to charging, keeping the interiors cool, and thereby reducing the cars energy consumption, is a major consideration in ownership of these fossil fuel liberating vehicles. A Solar Carport, offers free energy to recharge your ride, and shade to keep everything comfortable.

Forterre has been an industry leader in designing these dual purpose structures, and we can design to compliment any existing architecture, classic or cutting-edge.

Custom Solar Carport - Carlsbad CA

LUMOS Solar Carport Kit

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